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Santa Cruz Shredder – Grinder Review

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This is episode 1 in our Grinder review series, which takes a deep dive look into various grinders to see what comes out on top, which are worth buying and what you should avoid.

The Santa Cruz Shredder was released in 2011. Santa Cruz Shredders manufacture their products in 2 Californian locations, and claim the grinder is the only US-produced grinder subject to medical-grade cleaning prior to dispatch from the factory.

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This hypersonic clean ensures the porous Aliminium is free from any chemicals used in the production, a step other grinders (up to, I believe, food-grade) don’t undertake.

The teeth are designed in a way to ensure they don’t flake bits of aluminium into your herb, another thing to watch out for with some of the cheaper, less well put together grinders out there.

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Whilst it is a traditional grinder shape, instantly recognisable as a herb grinder and nothing new in that sense, the Santa Cruz Shredder feels really nice in the hand, and each of the parts locks togther perfectly with anodized threads to prevent galling.

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The Santa Cruz Shredder comes in multiple sizes and colours, and in 2, 3 or 4 parts, depending on what you like, so there is something to suit everyone.

There is even a hemp plastic version, released in recent years, which captures the amazing fluffy grind of the Santa Cruz Shredder but costs a lot less than the aliminum version.

, Santa Cruz Shredder – Grinder Review, ISMOKE

I purchased my Santa Cruz Shredder from Otherside London on Portobello Road in England’s capital. I paid £65 with a 15% discount (Code ISMOKE) and got the medium, 4 piece, matte rasta-coloured shredder. I also bought a red hemp plastic shredder at the same time to compare the two.

The main difference, aside from the cheaper price point, is that the hemp plastic shredder does not have a magnet in the middle to keep it together. This is only an issue if the grinder is going to be thrown into a bag full up, but I’d still say the hemp plastic Santa Cruz Shredder is good for travelling with, just keep things tidy by putting it snug into a box or using all the herbs inside before chucking it into your bag.

Compared to other grinders on the market, this stacks up well. Despite the higher cost than many herb grinders on the market, the Santa Cruz shredder justifies its value with the great quality parts and solid, fluffy grind suitable for all weed types.

It even stays good as new after years of use, according to comments from consumers who have had their Santa Cruz Shredder for a long time and are still impressed with its shredding action.

, Santa Cruz Shredder – Grinder Review, ISMOKE

This grinder got an overall score of 8.5/10 in the Grinder Review.

This can be broken down as follows:

Look and feel: 10/10
Use and functionality: 10/10
Price: 8/10
Shredability: 9/10

If you are willing to spend a bit more on a grinder, then take a look at the Santa Cruz Shredder and you will not be disappointed. When you factor in the cost per use, a grinder is something most stoners use multiple times per day, so paying a bit more for something that is going to do a great job for years is well worth it in my opinion.

There are lots of grinders on the market offering different functionality and price points, so if this one isn’t for you, don’t worry – join us for episode 2 to learn all about another grinder that is completely different – the Chewy electronic grinder.

, Santa Cruz Shredder – Grinder Review, ISMOKE