S5 Haze Cannabis Strain Review

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S5 Haze is a clone-only strain from The Netherlands. We take a look at this strain in this week’s ISMOKE Cannabis strain review.

This phenotype looked like it was on steroids! Every part of the bud looks over-developed, these are some buff genetics.

I enjoyed reviewing this cannabis strain, although the taste and smell are both quite similar to amnesia haze I have smoked in the Netherlands coffee shops (very orangey).

The main difference is the citrus notes that the plant gives off, which differ – like a different type of orange that isn’t quite Tangerine Dream or Agent Orange or Tangie.

The Effects of S5 Haze were comparatively more mild than something like Amnesia Haze. The effects of this strain are an enjoyable uplift which I found makes a good daytime strain.

What did you think of S5 Haze? Let us know in the comments!

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