Runtz Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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This week I’ve been enjoying the Runtz cannabis strain. This cross of Zkittlez X Gelato is an absolute powerhouse.

Pheno hunted by Gaspharms, the Runtz cannabis strain brings the classic Cali-inspired flavour to the UK market.

Update – January 2021: You can now buy Runtz Cannabis Seeds from our friends at KillaBeez Seedbank!


Runtz Cannabis, Runtz Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The nugs of Runtz have been trimmed to perfection, with no leave bases remaining. The nugs look very well developed, similar to the well-presented US import weed I’ve seen over the years.

The colours and shades are complex, incorporating green, purple and sparkles with plenty of trichomes visible under the light.


Runtz Cannabis, Runtz Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Runtz has a very similar smell to Zkittlez in my opinion. The multiple candy sweet smells are there, which is pleasant as it moves away from the Dutch hazey sweetness that a lot of strains I smoke tend to have.

This flower smells amazing, even before I’ve squeezed the nug it oozes sweet smells which waft into my nostrils right out the bag.

Breaking the bud open and grinding it up present a sweet sweet smell which is more of the same, because the bud has been cured nicely and gives off that smell right from the start.

It is more Zkittlez than Gelato, but the pine sweet and gas seeps into the candy sweet and the Runtz smells lovely.

Taste + Smoking Experience

Runtz Cannabis, Runtz Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The smell goes right into the taste with this one, which gave me a similar taste experience. It is like the party moves from my nostrils into my mouth – sweets, blue moreishness and fruity hints with slight pine.

The bong feels expansive in my chest, but when I exhale I get a wonderful flavour much stronger than many over bongs I’ve tasted in recent months. Something about the Runtz flavour shines through the bong.

The taste intensifies in my mighty vaporiser with a delicious and smooth vapor hit that carries some power alongside the multiple sweets flavour.

Dabbing the extract (budder extracted by element extracts) again tastes very similar. This is a big deal, as most flowers I’ve smoked taste different when extracted. Extract usually tastes better due to the higher number of terps present, but with the Runtz the extract and flower tastes about the same. That is some good tasting flower!


Runtz Cannabis, Runtz Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE
Runtz Budder (Cannabis Extract) by Elements Extracts

Runtz hits hard on the Sativa-hybrid side. It also carries some body effects, but the main thing I notice is a cloudy head high from the get go after smoking this one. Thoughts intensify, as does the light as my senses heighten.

I think this one would make a good afternoon/weekend smoke, as consuming this could make activities fun.


This is some of the best presented, nicest smelling and tasting weed I’ve tried. It puts most Cali Bud I’ve sampled to shame while giving that sweet top shelf-inspired flavour.

Runtz Cannabis, Runtz Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE
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