Rolls Smart Filters for Cannabis Consumers

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Today we are taking a look at a product which is designed with the smoker in mind – these are Rolls very own smart cooling filters.

Designed to replace your roach, these tips do more than just take the hassle out of finding the right-size bit of card (train ticket, anyone?), because Rolls Tips actually cool and filter the smoke before it reaches your lungs.

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As a health-conscious cannabis smoker, I was immediately curious about the Rolls tips.  When you smoke a spliff or a joint you’re not filtering the tar and gunk, and this is the first cannabis-consumer-catering product with this in mind that I’ve tried out on the channel.

The Rolls tips come in two different sizes – regular, and Jamaicans (XL). I’d recommend the XL for joints containing over 1-1.2g of herbs, and the regular for anything less as they are the right diameter for average-sized joints.

, Rolls Smart Filters for Cannabis Consumers, ISMOKE

The double filter/roach combination works to cool the smoke and filter it before it hits your lungs. I found this delivers a good, smooth smoking experience that it was easy to get used to – after a few pulls I adjusted to the rolls tips, and since then have switched out all my regular roaches for Rolls.

To use the Rolls tips, you simply insert them half-way into the joint, with the side that looks like a Roach facing outwards towards your mouth.

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While they’re designed to be smoked half in, half out of your joints or spliffs, I found that the Rolls tips can also be pushed further into the joint, and when this is done found that the smoking experience felt even more similar to a regular roach. This isn’t something that ever feels like it is needed, but maybe a good intermediary step for those who are worried about moving away from their previous un-filtered tips.

Rolls tips come in different colours and two sizes- so you can pick the artwork you’d most like on your box, or collect the whole set. They’re sold in three sizes on the Rolls UK website – the Rolls Pocket Pack is £2 (10 tips), the Rolls VIP Pack is £6 (60 Tips) and the Rolls VIP XL Pack (80 Tips) is £8.

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I took the Rolls tips with me on a road test for a session last weekend. I was expecting a mixed bag, but to my surprise, everybody who tried them enjoyed smoking with the product (5 people in addition to myself) with a couple even asking to take some Rolls tips away with them, to which I happily obliged!

, Rolls Smart Filters for Cannabis Consumers, ISMOKE

I honestly prefer smoking joints knowing that I am leaving behind some of the tar that I would have avoided if I had reached for the bong or vaporiser instead. For that reason, I’m sold on Rolls smart tips, and have been using them in every joint since I first tried them out a few weeks ago.

I’ll be keeping my Rolls tips topped up, for sure!

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