Rolling Papers Test – Which burns best?

2 mins read

It is a classic question you may have asked yourself whenever you had the option down at your local headshop with more choice than the colours of Rizla papers available in the supermarkets…

And we have been through so many brands of rolling papers over the years in our quest to find the best burning, nicest smoking skins.

The reality is that there are many brands on the market today which offer good rolling papers, but how do they compare?

Well now we have some answers! In this video out on the Spaceboyz YouTube channel now they have put to the test various brands of rolling papers to see which burns best.

rolling papers test, Rolling Papers Test – Which burns best?, ISMOKE

We thought this was an interesting experiment – in the video as well as discussing the papers, the papers are burnt on their own to what residue is left behind.

Loads of brands of get compared in the video, from the classic and most popular brands like Rizla and elements to the branded papers you tend to see given away at events.

rolling papers test, Rolling Papers Test – Which burns best?, ISMOKE
A still from the video featuring a rolling paper comparison on the Space Boyz YouTube channel

And there are some interesting results. For instance, one brand of rice paper burns completely different to another, and the Rizla blues leave behind a bleachy white residue. Some papers burn more smoothly and leave less residue behind.

This is one of a number of interesting videos recently released onto this YouTube channel which has just hit 500 subscribers. We love the content they are making. Subscribe to Space Boyz for more.