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Cherry Blossom Kush

Recently on the channel we covered two new forms of cannabis extract – one was cherry blossom kush and the other ZkittleZ X Wedding Cake. In a video filmed for YouTube we went into detail about each, discussing look, smell

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Wee Buns Badder

Up next in our Extract review series we take a look at Wee Buns, bred by Hemp Northern Ireland and Extracted by Bear Extracts. This strain combines Watermelon ZkittleZ X Mac, and

Gelato Shatter

Gelato Shatter Review

We recently took a look at some BHO made from one of the most popular “Cali Import” cannabis strains to grace the UK in the late two thousand and teens – Gelato.

melonade extract review

Melonade Extract Review

In this video filmed for the ISMOKE YouTube Channel I took a look at Melonade Badder, a form of cannabis extract made using BHO. This strain combines Lemonade X Watermelon ZkittliZ, bred


Beach Wedding Extract Review

This Diamonds and Sauce by Bear Extracts was made from the beach wedding cannabis strain, which combines Tropicana Cookies x Wedding Cake. It is an indica-dominant hybrid with solid relaxing effects and