Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event

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Cannabis activism is sweeping the nation, with Cannabis Clubs being set up in hundreds of towns and cities across the U.K. We went to one tucked away in the North West of England.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

Darwen Cannabis Club (DCC), one of the newer clubs to establish this year, held their first event two week ago on the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year; ideal for a cannabis meet.

Located in Lancashire, between Blackburn and Bolton, Darwen was treated to a glorious day of sunshine, ideal for a cannabis event outside. Held in a sunlit glade in Sunnyhurst Woods, local Darweners and national cannabis activists gathered to meet up for the first time in what will surely become a regular event.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE



As far as first events go, the day went as smoothly as you could hope for. No major incidents, no police presence, no litter left behind; and everyone seemed to have a great time.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

Only the club’s core-members and a handful of adventurous stoners made the walk up to Darwen Tower – a local landmark atop of the Lancashire hills, bequeathed with a picturesque view, which can range all the way down to Blackpool beach. Unfortunately, the view was masqueraded behind the heinous Grey of the Northern skies.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

There was a fantastic variety of strains on offer that locals would not get to experience outside the event. Range of strain not just great for recreational users. It is essential for medicinal patients; different illnesses need different cannabinoid rations. With several medical patients in attendance, this turned out to be a God-send for them – something that the club is extremely grateful to have achieved.

One of the primary reasons the club was established was to find & help patients in Darwen that may not be aware of how cannabis may be able to help their particular illness/disease. Education about medication is a great motto the club likes to live by. Knowledge is power, and DCC are utilising their collective wealth of knowledge on cannabis to best help them provide a source of information to the Darwen public.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

While DCC are taking a medicinal focus to their approach in cannabis activism, recreational users are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Unity in the community is essential for success. Some of the strains that were sampled were on another level to the local variety – seriously knock out stuff!

Money Maker had to be the cannabis strain highlight. A heavy Indica mix of Master Kush and Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, MM is definitely a strain to be smoked at night, NOT on a walk up a hill!

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

New canna-allegiances were forged in smoke, strengthening the national movement in our collective efforts to legalise cannabis. Cannabis events serve as a fantastic way to meet people from within the community that you’d never know outside of cannabis. But these friendships go beyond that, conversations are not restricted exclusively to cannabis and why it should be legal. It does help to have a common interest to get started though!

The always energetic Dr Denz came down to film for his ever-growing YouTube channel.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

Dr Denz said: “DCC’s first event, it was a beautiful walk, really impressed me!

Speaking about the event, Denz told ISMOKE: “I knew it were only goin’ to be a small un’. For an event in the middle of a Wednesday, a lot more people than I thought! I got to meet a proper great bunch of people which is always a plus.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

“I’m always on the hunt for great strains, something you don’t see often. Finally got a good Gorilla Glue #4 which I’m buzzed about.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

“To be truthful, there weren’t that many strains about, but the stuff that was there was great!

“I didn’t get too try the Pop’s Baked Goods edibles, gutted! Definitely make sure I get some next time.

“Definitely be coming to the next one, so long as I get me car workin’!”

White Rhino UK, quickly establishing themselves as a future key player in cannabis clothing, came down to support the club’s first event. While the numbers of people there were perhaps smaller than events they’re used to going to, the founder, X, said:

“The welcome and support we received when we arrived was amazing!

“The entire event from start to finish was well organised, safe and non-intrusive to the general public. We can’t wait to attend the next one!”

While the event was pretty basic, it was the first time the club held a public meeting. This is something the club is already working on for their next meeting, which is sure to have more entertainment, food & medibles, speakers, and even a Cannabis Oil making demonstration!

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

Speaking about the event a DCC spokesman said: “The club learnt a lot from holding our first event. More planning is needed for the next one, certainly. But as the Chairman of Durham City Cannabis Club told me, it’s all a learning curve!

“We know what needs to be done to expand on the great work we put in for this one, the next one will definitely be bigger and better.

“The movement is finally developing and growing in the North West and we fully intended to ride this wave! We’ve already made contact with other NW clubs, and clubs from across the country, so we might even see you guys at the next national event!”

DCC have already organised it so that they will be holding weekly meetings for cannabis enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about the medicinal side of cannabis.

These local meets will be held at Sunbird Records, a local independent rock venue, which is also a label, and even wood-fire pizzas! (a seriously cool venue for a cannabis club!)

DCC’s Executive-Vice Chancellor, Nathan Johnson told us why he thought the day went: “By 2 o’clock we had 15 people which already exceeded my expectations. By the end of the day we saw about 40 different faces.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE

“It was great overall, couldn’t have asked for anything more. The sunset was disappointing, but luckily we smoked a big fat blunt!”

DCC’s Chairman to the Green, Adam Douglas added:

“People from across the region attended, with new friendships and networks formed as people shared their stories.

“The committee realised quickly that this event could grow into a really popular gathering with a little more attention paid to planning, with particular attention paid to logistics surrounding what is a great site, hampered by some small accessibility issues.

“We do realise more work needs to be done to bring the medical use community out in greater numbers.

“Our ultimate objective is to liberate the plant so all can use it, so that means we need to destigmatise cannabis use, which means ever increasing numbers in a show of unity.”

If you’re interested in following what Darwen Cannabis club are up to, they can be contacted on their official Facebook or Instagram pages.

, Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event, ISMOKE



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