The Remedy – Inhale Exhale

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Inhale Exhale is a cannabis inspired UK Hip Hop track by The Remedy, Mason Hillier.

, The Remedy – Inhale Exhale

We spoke to Mason, and outside of the music he lives by Cannabis Culture:

“I’m an aspiring, 18 year old music artist. In this song I have covered many different angles about what I consider, “the holy bud”. Such as how it plays an important part in my life and has given me great direction and ambition, how I enjoy to smoke it, how its not a gateway drug, how its had such an impact on my way of thinking and seeing life. In the lyrics I say “Now I see why the tribes and Bob Marley did” – I love how cannabis brings people together of all nationalities and races. The song also speaks about the wonders Amsterdam, and of course cannabis’ medicinal value! I put a lot of time and effort in this so I hope you enjoy my work. I hope 2014 will bring some great changes for us and our culture!”

Check out the video below:

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