REAL LEAF Tobacco Alternative

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Those wishing to stop smoking tobacco can face a tough journey. Tobacco is very addictive, and frequent users will experience withdrawal symptoms that may include moderate to severe cravings.

Did you know that 77% of cannabis consumers in the UK also smoke with tobacco? This is echoed throughout many parts of Europe, with Italy tipping the scales, with 90% of those who use cannabis also using tobacco.

A good way to move away from smoking tobacco is to consider a tobacco replacement. Cannabis consumers, however, can be incredibly picky when it comes to what goes in their spliffs.

“I just don’t like the taste”, “it burns too harsh” or “just no” are all things you may hear your average stoner saying when you ask why they haven’t considered replacing the tobacco in their joints with something a bit (ok a lot) safer for them.

Enter Real Leaf – a smoking lifestyle company based in Isreal where medical cannabis is available on prescription.

Real Leaf, REAL LEAF Tobacco Alternative, ISMOKE

The creators of Real Leaf wanted a tobacco alternative that delivers a solid smoking experience for cannabis consumers, and so made it their mission back in 2012 when they launched the company.

Real Leaf is made from a mix of natural herbs – in fact, 100% raspberry, marshmallow and mullein leaves in a nicotine-free blend developed for spliffs. The blend is designed to be smooth on the lungs, taste great, and mix well with cannabis.

Real Leaf, REAL LEAF Tobacco Alternative, ISMOKE

Reviews of this product say they are blown away by the smoking experience.  Marijuana Break said “The smell of REAL LEAF is divine, and it tastes amazing. It rolls like a charm, and it burns at a great pace. Not too fast and not too slow – just right! We only had to light it once, and we were set.”

Real Leaf, REAL LEAF Tobacco Alternative, ISMOKE

Real Leaf says that “Our mission is to enrich and enhance the cannabis experience and to make smoking accessible to people who have chosen to leave tobacco behind.” The blend is 100% natural, with No nicotine, formaldehyde or DDT.

Real Leaf, REAL LEAF Tobacco Alternative, ISMOKE

They ship worldwide, and have a 4+1 deal on, giving you even better value for money. If you want to just sample the flavour/smoking experience of this mix you can get a sample pack for $24.90 which includes the original blend as well as the Damiana blend which has a lemony flavour.

You can Visit the Real Leaf Shop here 

Real Leaf, REAL LEAF Tobacco Alternative, ISMOKE

Want to win some Real Leaf herbs?

We’ve teamed up with Real Leaf to offer 5 lucky winners the chance to win the Respect Your Herb Kit worth £30!

To enter, simply head over to our Facebook page and tag 3 friends in the comments of this competition image:

Real Leaf, REAL LEAF Tobacco Alternative, ISMOKE

You can share the image to your wall or a facebook group for an additional entry, and remember to like both ISMOKE and Real Leaf on Facebook for your entry to be counted.

Good luck – the winners will be announced mid-November 2018!

Real Leaf, REAL LEAF Tobacco Alternative, ISMOKEReal Leaf, REAL LEAF Tobacco Alternative, ISMOKE