Rainbow Beltz & Gruntz Extract

1 min read

Recently we got our hands on some new extract with the incredible Zkittlez terpene profile.

Two strains from Bear 710 featured in this video, filmed recently for our YouTube channel, in which I compared two forms of extract – one shatter, one diamonds and sauce.

Rainbow Beltz is basically a backcross of ZkittleZ, combining Zkittles X Moonbow 75 (out of 200). The terp profile is very similar to ZkittleZ and the diamonds and sauce made from Rainbow Beltz delivers this wonderfully with multiple sweet and fruity notes noticeable from the inhale.

Gruntz is a bag seed from Runtz by Gas Pharms (ZkittleZ X Gelato). The shatter made from this tastes like a gassy ZkittleZ strain, and it also tastes very terpy, although I think the Rainbow Beltz is nicer.

, Rainbow Beltz & Gruntz Extract, ISMOKE

The Gruntz also has a slight delay on the taste, with the flavour coming one to two breaths after the dab!

Overall I enjoyed both of these extracts a lot, but the Rainbow Beltz has to be my favourite. It wasn’t a completely fair comparison between shatter and diamonds and sauce, but I think I got enough of the flavour to judge them both accordingly.

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