Puffco Peak – ISMOKE Review

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We got our hands on the Puffco Peak this week with two questions in mind.

  1. Is it worth the hype? and 2. How does it handle for serious dabbers?

About the Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak – ISMOKE Review

The Peak by Puffco is an electronic dab rig which uses an atomizer to heat your extracts up and deliver a solid – nay, on par – dabbing experience with a quartz banger.

The difference? The Peak heats up in 20-25 seconds, can be operated one-handed and does not require the use of a blowtorch, giving it plus points on discreetness and accessibility over dabbing in the traditional way.

Puffco Peak Specifications

Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak – ISMOKE Review

Heat up time: 20-25 seconds
Battery use: Approx 30 dabs per charge
Charging time: 2-2.5 hours

The Peak operates at the following temperature ranges – interestingly these are lower than you’d be aiming for when dabbing using a blowtorch and banger/nail.

BLUE = LOW (Small load) / 450°F / 232°C > 20 sec. heat up
GREEN = MEDIUM (Medium load) / 500°F / 260°C > 20 sec. heat up
RED = HIGH (Large load) / 550°F / 287.78°C > 25 sec. heat up
PEAK = (XL load) / 600°F / 316°C > 25 sec. heat up

You can find more operating info in the Puffco Peak instructions PDF here

So the PEAK achieves a solid and consistent dab on battery power and on a lower temperature.

Using the Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak – ISMOKE Review

As I take the PEAK out of the box I am already excited to see and use the device – I’ve wanted to try this in a controlled setting since I heard about them at Spannabis back in March 2018.

It comes in a carry case made of some sort of polystyrene that is moulded to hold the PEAK like a budget Peli case (although I’m guessing it wouldn’t stand up to much of a stress test). This case is handy for travelling with, so don’t throw it away!

Inside the case I found my Puffco Peak base, with atomizer screwed in and ready, the bubbler/mouthpiece, charging cable, spare ceramic dish and dab tool.

The PEAK requires an initial charge, so after it had completed this I was able to get to grips with the unit itself.

It is fairly simple to operate, with one button controlling temperature, session mode and on/off.

Loading in some of my extract (ODV 3), I opted for a cold-start dab as a first test for the device, putting it on GREEN mode. Within 20 seconds the haptic vibration told me it was ready, and I took the dab.

I was treated to very good flavour experience dabbing this through the Puffco Peak, and I immediately went back for a second.

Over the next few days, I got to grips with the PEAK’s various temperature modes, finding that I prefer RED mode, particularly after I upgraded the ceramic dish/bowl included with a silicone carbide dish. I also switched out the stock clear carb cap with a black version which does exactly the same job.

And I have continued to use the PEAK consistently over the past 10 days. I charge it every few days and haven’t found it running out of battery on me yet, and every dab has been consistent, providing the atomizer is secured correctly. The PEAK delivers excellent flavour, and can also deliver solid power and good clouds.

Note: You can also buy a travel pack for the Puffco Peak which consists of a carb cap attachment to keep it with the PEAK, a cap for the mouthpiece to stop water escaping and a “backpack”, something I have never seen on a single PEAK at a session, so I think it isn’t used much. I didn’t want to pay nearly £20 for the carb cap holder which is all I’d use from the set.

Concentrates Vs. Herbal Vaping

The Puffco Peak is made for vaping concentrates/extracts, and it delivers a great performance in this area. If you are looking to vape traditional botanicals (e.g. dry herbs) check out our review on the Mighty Vaporizer.

Puffco Peak final thoughts

Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak – ISMOKE Review

To put it simply, I think this, or devices like it, could be the future of dabbing cannabis extracts. I’ve found is that my blowtorch has sat unused on my dabbing station, and I have put my previously well-used rig back on the shelf.

Currently (to my knowledge) the PEAK is the only electronic device on the market that I would say can fully replace a dab rig setup while still performing in a way serious dabbers are expecting.

Therefore my Puffco PEAK has taken centrefold in my dabbing setup, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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