About a year ago I took a trip to a psychic. With the various things going on in my life medically, my beautiful wife felt that it would give me a lift and might even answer a few questions for me… somehow. It was for my birthday, and she felt it would be a fun. I have been opening myself up to new experiences for the past while as I wrote about in my first article entitled The Reinvention of Myself.

We heard about this particular psychic through a friend. She recounted her experience with her saying, “There is no way she could have known the things that she knew about me!” She told us how this older lady had calmly sat and explained precise details of her life and how accurate she was. She explained that the psychic told her that her boyfriend was cheating, even though she didn‘t know it at the time… and she was right!

As you can imagine, I knew I had to have a crack at this and see what this lady was all about. My wife had not provided any information about me to the psychic when booking the appointment. I figured that I would go in and not provide any information that she might use to aid her “psychic predictions.” In other words, I wanted to see how psychic she really was. There was a large degree of skepticism on my part, but it was a new experience after all, so I was excited.

When I arrived at the door for my appointment, an unassuming older Scottish lady answered. As soon as she spoke I thought, “Oh my God, I have a psychic reading with Ms. Doubtfire’s twin!” She immediately took my coat and welcomed me into her home. I nervously apologized for being late and told her that I had been held up in traffic… then added, “but I guess you knew that being psychic and all.”

What proceeded over the next hour blew my mind. I sat down at a table with the psychic. To start, I was told that my grandmother’s spirit was standing behind me. I was told that she had passed and had things she wanted to tell me. That she wanted the ring that I had bought her for her birthday with the red stone to go to my daughter. She said that I had recently put pictures up in the hall of the family and one of my grandmother and that she liked that . All of these things were true.

I quickly re-examined how closed I had been and opened my mind up to the possibility that this woman might be legit! The reading was quite true in many respects and carried with it a degree of painful honesty. Many of the things that she said about some of my relationships could have been considered down right offensive if it wasn’t true!

Two very interesting things came of my “psychic trip” that I wanted to share. Firstly, at the time I visited her, I did not know that I had Crone’s disease or gastro pareses. She explained to me that she felt that I had stomach issues and possibly crone’s. She went on to state that I would go through a wide variety of medications and find relief in an unconventional medication (which in end was cannabis).

The second thing that happened to me really freaked me out. After my reading, the psychic asked me to stay. She told me that I had “the gift” and that I was psychic. I suddenly felt that my trip to the psychic had become more of a “psychic trip.” For the next hour, she proceeded to show me how to read the cards. I have to admit that at this point the timely waves of skepticism started to wash over me again. In the back of my mind I wondered if this was just some kind of ploy to make me a regular customer. I was completely shocked when upon leaving I was given back my money on the condition that I promised to pick up a few books for psychic beginners.

After exchanging hugs, I walked back to my car . My wonderful wife was sitting in the car with a big smile on her face and immediately asked me, “Was it worth it sweetheart?”

That night we listened to the tape over and over. In fact, all of our friends and family who have listened to the tape have paid my sweet older Scottish friend a visit. All of them have walked away from the readings and said that it was an amazing experience. Although not every reading carried with it good news.

A year later I went back to the psychic and told her of my struggles and how she was right about my stomach ailments. I also explained how I had been using medical cannabis. She simply turned to me and with a big smile said, “of course dear… I knew you would and I can see it’s working.” We remain good friends to this day.

In the end, I really don’t know what to think of the experience. At the very least, I took it as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I certainly am glad I did. To varying degrees, every human being on this planet worries about their mortality. None the least of which are medical patients facing serious illness. I guess it’s the sense of something more being “out there” that holds the greatest appeal to me. The idea that my grandmother is looking down on me is pretty damn comforting too (I know she’s having a laugh?)

MedicaLEE – Lee Parker

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