The potential of Rotary Growing Systems

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Hello, I am sunhater and I would like to show you the potential of rotary hydroponic growing systems.

, The potential of Rotary Growing Systems, ISMOKE
The main advantages of these systems are:

1) Excellent use of available light: no need for a reflector.
2) More plants / m2 than traditional culture: from 3.3 times of a single module to several times more with stacked modules.
3) They works very well with ebb & flow and aeroponic irrigation systems.
4) Easy to build: you just need pvc tubes and angled iron.
5) Work well with optical fiber lighting systems.
6) Modular design and easily scalable.

The main disadvantages are:

1) They need an electric motor to function.
2) They can’t be used outdoor without an optical fiber lighting system.

I have started a research project but I need funding.
If you are interested to know more about these kind of systems please visit my project page on indiegogo and help me to build them.