Police shut down Dank of England shop – Black the Ripper films the whole thing

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Police appear to have shut down the Dank of England pop-up shop/smoke session at the weekend.

This event was held by rapper and cannabis advocate Ital Samson, also known asย Black The Ripper.

, Police shut down Dank of England shop – Black the Ripper films the whole thing
Ital Samson AKA Black The Ripper

Black the Ripper has gained a lot of public attention, both for himself and his clothing and lifestyle brand Dank of England in 2016, with a number of public stunts involving cannabis, from lighting up in the London Eye to lighting up on the London Underground.

The stunts have ignited public debate – lots of cannabis users are supporting the #LightUpEverywhere movement, but others think it may attract the wrong type of attention.

, Police shut down Dank of England shop – Black the Ripper films the whole thing
A still from a video filmed at a previous Dank of England Pop-up event. Photo: Youtube

In this latest video from Black the Ripper’s Instagram page, police are seen turning up at his pop-up event, apparently held in Romford over the weekend. Dank of England had also been up in Manchester at an eventย over the weekend, as mentioned in the comments of the Instagram video.

The footage, which appears to have been filmed for Snapchat, has been edited to show a short overview of what happened when police attempted to close things down – as you’d expect, they met some resistance.

At one point we can see police attempting to grab somebody’s phone, while throughout the video they are called out for their attempts to quash “The movement”.

However, despite everybody getting searched, it looks like no arrests were made, and at the end of the video, you can hear the police being asked who will compensate the Dank of England crew for the sign they left broken.

It also appears that no cannabis was seized and that the police left empty-handed, making this a massive waste of both their time and resources.

Hopefully next time they won’t bother with a peaceful pop-up event!

Watch the video below:

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This article originally referred to the event being held in Manchester. The event that was shut down was held in Romford, with Dank of England attending an event in Manchester as well over the weekend.

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