Platinum Jelly Cannabis Strain Review

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Episode 8 in our 2020 strain review series features a new cross by In House Genetics. Platinum Jelly combines Jelly Breath X Platinum.

The Platinum Kush is a strong indica strain and In House Genetics made the S1 strain which appears on its website. Jelly Breath crosses Mendo Breath X Do-Si-Do.


Platinum Jelly, Platinum Jelly Cannabis Strain Review

Platinum Jelly has a strong and complex look; the leaves are dark and the pistils prevalent with hints of green and stronger shades of orange and purple.

The trichome coverage is significant, giving the buds a lighter appearance with shades of white.

The buds maybe could have had a better trim and were a bit on the dry side to touch. Regardless, a very nice looking flower.


Platinum Jelly, Platinum Jelly Cannabis Strain Review

The smell of Platinum Jelly can vary, from earthy to creamy soda fruity.

During our review process I sampled two phenotypes of this strain grown from seed by Indian Buddha. The first, phenotype 1 smelt gassy, with strong kush earth undertones and hints of power. Phenotype 4, however, carried a strong grape soda smell which was incredible.

Breaking open the buds released more of the same, but phenotype 4 definitely smelt the best of the two.

Grape sweet notes and soda creaminess popped through in the Platinum Jelly Aroma.


Platinum Jelly, Platinum Jelly Cannabis Strain Review

The Platinum Jelly delivers a smooth and enjoyable flavour when smoked and excels in terpenes when vaped.

Phenotype 4’s grape soda flavour was lost somewhat in the bong, but delivered in full in the Mighty Vaporizer with not hints of sharpness or bitter.

Phenotype 1 was very smooth in the bong, delivering cool smoke reminiscent of Master Kush.


Platinum Jelly, Platinum Jelly Cannabis Strain Review

Hitting mostly on the Indica end of the spectrum, Platinum Jelly still leaves room for a mind-wandering head high.

About 10 minutes after smoking this I felt spacey, before settling into a kush-inspired relaxation.

The high experienced was more complex than the average indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain.

It also kicked in quickly. This is perhaps due to the fact that the THC % of this one is high – pheno 4 tested at 25% and pheno 1 32% THC – this is a record on the channel.

But surprisingly the high was not incapacitating, and I found myself going about my day after smoking a couple of bowls of the Platinum Jelly (I then needed to refilm which involved consuming some more bowls and that may have relaxed the productivity a bit!)


Platinum Jelly, Platinum Jelly Cannabis Strain Review

Platinum Jelly by In House Genetics is an enjoyable and strong indica-led smoke. I will certainly be smoking this again.

You can watch our Platinum Jelly strain review here on YouTube, or below:

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