Up next in our Extract review series we have Pine Soul Goji by Terps Garden.

This strain combines Nepali OG X Snow Lotus and lands at the head-high end of the spectrum.

Bodhi Seeds Bred the strain Goji OG, from which Pine Soul Goji has been selected as a unique phenotype.

We will be covering the Pine Soul Goji in our Strain Review Series later this year.

In this video we took a look at the Shatter extracted from this flower by TG Botanical Extracts.

, Pine Soul Goji Extract Review, ISMOKE

This shatter looks golden and has a slight stickyness to the touch. It is not as clear as some forms of shatter we have seen (this can vary by strain or can also be extraction process dependent).

, Pine Soul Goji Extract Review, ISMOKE

Dabbing the Pine Soul is a tasty, terpy experience – it has a nice pine flavour in addition to the complex fruit, berry and OG aromas and flavour notes present.

Watch our Pine Soul Goji Shatter Review Below

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