“Piece Water” Bong Water Replacement Review + Test

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Last week I got my hands on some Piece Water to replace the water in my bong.

I usually just stick to water, but I was excited to try this stuff as I am somebody that spends a lot of time cleaning my glassware to try and keep it in good condition.

When you smoke weed through a bong it produces a lot of tar, some of which gets stuck on the inside of the glass, which can stain it if left uncleaned. I have lost some good smoking pieces to the dirtiness that can ensue after only one session if the bong is forgotten about and the cleaning step is missed.

To keep glass clean, us bong smokers often need to strike while the iron is hot, rinsing with water between hits, bathing glass in isopropyl alcohol or employing other techniques to maintain that sheen.

Piece Water, “Piece Water” Bong Water Replacement Review + Test, ISMOKE

Piece water is a blend of natural fruit and mineral extracts that replaces the water in your bong and stops tar building up.

Piece water claims that it will keep your glass looking fresh hit after hit. With such a bold claim, I was, of course, dubious at first, but then I saw this video:

The Test

After 3 days use and 20-25 hits using the piece water, my Jaxx Barron Recycler was still relatively clean (compared to how it would be without the piece water)

Piece Water, “Piece Water” Bong Water Replacement Review + Test, ISMOKE

And a quick rinse with warm water had it looking fresh again! I followed that up with a quick iso bathe out of habit, running a small amount of 99% iso through the piece to get it nice and shiny. Here was the result:

Piece Water, “Piece Water” Bong Water Replacement Review + Test, ISMOKE

I can see the effectiveness of Piece water in my bongs. However, it is not the cheapest product, coming in at £15.95 for a 355ml bottle. I used about 1/5th of this to fill my bong which lasted the weekend, and since have been experimenting with just using piece water in addon percolators/diffusers with positive results – using this method, I can use a tiny amount and still get the benefits of the piece water on my bong.

As a bong smoker, I’m happy to have piece water in my bongs and will continue to use it. I just hope I can make the bottle last at least a few weeks to justify the cost before re-investing.

You can see my full thoughts and a weekend of use of the Piece water in the video at the top of this page, or watch it here from the ISMOKE Vimeo channel.

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