Photo Project: Cannabis Legalisation in the UK – Will it Ever Happen?

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At ISMOKE we’re super excited to be working on a new photography project which will explore the burning issue of cannabis legalisation in the UK.

We’re casting for people from all backgrounds who are keen to have their say on cannabis law here in the UK, including ISMOKE founder Tyler Green. 

Portraits will be photographed by celebrity photographers Amit & Naroop with the possibility of them being included in a photography exhibition as well as various media outlets.

This is a great opportunity to have your say on cannabis legalisation. Being featured does not necessarily mean you use cannabis, and you can take part if you support its use. In an ideal situation, we will photograph people from all walks of life who use or support cannabis legalisation and it can raise some good awareness for our campaign to legalise in the UK!

Learn more about Amit & Naroop here via their facebook page.

Get Involved

If you’d like to be considered please email [email protected] with the subject “Photo Project” and include:

1.  Brief info on what you do for a job (occupation)

2. A bit of text about your opinion if we will ever see cannabis legalisation in our lifetime.

3. Confirm you would be happy to have your opinion / photo put out in public if you’re selected for the project.

Remember: You don’t need to admit to being an active cannabis user, we’re looking for people’s opinion more than anything!

We understand the need of some people to remain discreet in their support for the cannabis movement, but we feel that it is time we put ourselves out there and show the world that people from all walks of life enjoy cannabis or at least support cannabis legalisation.

If you agree, please get in touch!

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