Petition to Legalise Cannabis Use for Adults Over 21 Years of Age

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We’re beginning to see stronger arguments for a look at cannabis law here in the UK.

Recently Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb entered the house of commons with a bill paired with strongest argument we’ve seen in parliament yet, winning one hundred percent support. At least with the MP’s who bothered to turn up. However the 2nd stage was cancelled with no context and no explanation. This is obviously quite frustrating to the 250,000+ who signed.

Well, It’s time to rally yet again. There is another petition, quickly gaining popularity, to give adults over the age of 21 the right to grow their own cannabis. You can it sign here: – please tell a friend to tell a friend!

Also in the meantime, you can get in contact with your local MP, (via asking for their opinion on cannabis.

Feature by James Carr

You can send your MP’s responses to ISMOKE! email us: [email protected]


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