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, Peter Tosh

PETER TOSH died 25 years ago today – 11 September 1987

Peter Tosh (born Winston Hubert McIntosh, 19 October 1944) was a Jamaican reggae singer that sung in The Wailers before a successful solo career.  You will almost certainly have heard his most famous solo hit “Legalize it” which was actually banned on Jamaican radio after its release in 1976.  Tosh printed the lyrics in an ad he took out in a Jamaican newspaper, and the song has since become popular among endorsers of cannabis legalisation, reggae music lovers and Rastafarians all over the world.  It was also a favourite at Tosh’s concerts.

, Peter Tosh

Sadly, Tosh was killed in a Robbery at his home in 1987.  Like so many inspirational people his life was cut short.

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