Peru’s Conservative Government Vote to Legalise Medical Cannabis


Medical cannabis will soon be legally available to residents of Peru!

On 19th October 2017 Peru’s Congress approved a bill that legalises cannabis for medicinal use.
Cannabis in Peru, Peru’s Conservative Government Vote to Legalise Medical Cannabis

The bill will allow for the importation and local production of cannabis, as well as the sale of cannabis oil.

The Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski supports the medical cannabis bill – it was proposed back in February after a mother group’s cannabis oil facility was raided – this oil was to be used to treat sick children.

“Thousands of patients and their family members will have hope and a better quality of life,” said lawmaker Alberto de Belaunde.

Peru follows suit of places like Uraguay, Colombia and Chile where cannabis has been legalised either for medical or full adult use.

However Ana Alvarez, a Peruvian cannabis activist told the Guardian, “We’re very happy with the fact that Peruvian law has approved this…But we’re not totally satisfied.”

Buscando Esperanza, the group that was raided in February was founded by Alveraz. Due to the fact that the new law does not legalise self-cultivation, her organisation still won’t be able to continue legally.

Under proposed laws, cannabis will be available to patients with conditions such as epilepsy and cancer.


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