Why Do People Smoke Cannabis Resin?

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, Why Do People Smoke Cannabis Resin?, ISMOKE

Why Do People Smoke Cannabis Resin?

If you’re new to medical cannabis, you’re probably learning quite a few things that you didn’t know about. The first time your bowl gets clogged, you may notice a lot of resin left behind when you burn it. Some people actually do smoke resin, though it’s probably not as common as it once was, given the fact that marijuana laws have very much relaxed and medical cannabis is widely available.

If you have access to medical marijuana, there is no reason that you should have to smoke resin. If you want to know why people smoked it and what it does, here’s some information that may abate your curiosity.

The Resin

People generally scraped their pipes and other smoking implements to get resin that they could smoke. This was usually done when there wasn’t any weed available. It’s definitely second choice compared to bud.

The resin comes off the pipe as a sticky blackish brown tar that, unfortunately, tends to get everywhere and stain everything that comes into contact with. It’s not particularly pleasant stuff, which is why there are a lot of good cleaners on the market and a lot of good cleaning methods you can use to clean up your bowl that are highly recommended by experienced smokers.

Once people got the resin, they would generally load it into their bowl and smoke it. The experience is not up to snuff with smoking actual bud.

The Experience

Smoking resin gives people something close to a cannabis buzz, but not quite. A lot of people describe it as feeling a bit empty headed, slightly buzzed, sometimes people get headaches from it, but it generally isn’t a very desirable sensation. Most of the active ingredients in cannabis are burned off when you smoke it, and there is very little left in the resin.

Smoking resin will not have the same beneficial effects as smoking medical marijuana. Even if you are smoking very high-grade weed, the resin left behind will not be particularly high grade. It’s basically just the leavings from when you burn the bud up and, because of that, it doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t pack much of a buzz and it’s just unpleasant all around.

A Better Solution

There was a time when people did tend to think of resin as an alternative to smoking marijuana if no cannabis was available. Today, with good medical cannabis being available, there’s just no reason to do this and there’s a much better solution to dealing with resin.

Get the resin out of your pipe. If your pipe is clogged up with resin – even if you can still get a hit off it – your weed isn’t burning as efficiently as it should be and you are wasting weed every time you light it. You can use a salt and isopropyl alcohol solution to get rid of resin or you can scrape it out of your pipe manually, if you want to do things the hard way. Either way, getting rid of resin is much better than smoking it.

, Why Do People Smoke Cannabis Resin?, ISMOKE