Peach Shnapps Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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In our spotlight this week we are looking at Peach Shnapps by Sonic Seeds. This cannabis strain reminds us of something from the early 2000s, but with a more recent terpy twist!

Made from crossing Chocolope, a 95% sativa with a 100% win record in cannabis cups, and Kalishnapple (UK pineapple X pre98 Kalimist), the result is a lovely looking sample with several great characteristics.


Peach Shnapps, Peach Shnapps Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

First up, the appearance is spot on – indica-style buds, slightly less dense than they appear, and good trichome coverage.

Light green colouration with nice depth and complexity and the pistils aren’t over apparent although the deep orange can be noticed visibly breaking up the green on the sample.

The trim has been done well, and the sample is in great condition.


Peach Shnapps, Peach Shnapps Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Peach Shnapps smells like the name, and in fact, quite like Archers – a brand of peach schnapps which is popular in the UK (my mum likes to drink it with Lemonade, so I’m familiar with the smell).

It also smells like pineapple, with a deep fruity aroma that Sonic Seeds says reminds him of a fruity big bud circa 2002.

When the sample is squeezed and ground, I get a strong sweet pungency that adds more depth to the fruity notes this cannabis strain gives off.

Taste + Consumption Experience

Peach Shnapps, Peach Shnapps Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

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The Peach Shnapps hits clean through my bong, delivering a smooth, cool smoke with hints of that fruity Archers-inspired flavour.

Vaping this strain gives me an incredible flavour which adds notes of pineapple and more layers to the complexity of the taste of this bud.

Hits smooth and tastes like top drawer old school bud, but with a peachy twist.


Peach Shnapps, Peach Shnapps Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Smoking and vaping this strain results in a body-led high, despite the fact that one of the parents is 95% sativa (chocolope). I get a nice feeling washing over my body after originating in my head, reminding me of the effects I get sometimes consuming strains from the Afghan lineage.

It isn’t overly strong, and I enjoy smoking Peach Shnapps in the daytime but due to the body-led effects I can see medicinal benefit in how this one makes me feel.


Peach Shnapps has been a wonderfully different cannabis strain to consume for this week’s review. Delivering in all areas, I like the different flavour profile and the quality of the sample.

I look forward to smoking this again! You can watch the review here on YouTube and view our cannabis strain reviews on the ISMOKE website or on YouTube here.

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