OZK Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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OZK is bred by Dying Breed Seeds and combines ZkittleZ X OG Kush.

This indica-dominant hybrid is available in seed form. Because of this genotypes may lean one way or the other, but with two powerhouse parents either way is going to be good!


OZK, OZK Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This phenotype of OZK captures the colours of the OG Kush and the bud structure of the ZkittleZ. It looks fantastic, with strong copper pistils popping through a healthy-looking bud structure

It carries strong shades of green with hints of darker (almost purple) leaf bases and a sort of organic jaggedness.

The trichomes are clearly visible giving the bud a sparkly, complex appearance.


OZK, OZK Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The familiar grape/grapefruit aroma of the ZkittleZ cannabis strain is out in full force, but it has been emboldened by the gas of the OG in its genetics.

This aroma bounces about a bit depending on where the sample is – initially opening the jar the ZkittleZ smell seriously pops, but when the bud is ground up it smells gassy and pungent over fruity.

It has a mouthwatering scent, particularly if you are fond of either of the flavour profiles it does so well at representing simultaneously!


OZK, OZK Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The taste of the OZK is as enjoyable as the aroma, with the flavour carrying through into the smoke during the bong hit and the vapor when vaping this in the Dynavap.

It again seems to bounce between fruity sweetness of the ZkittleZ and the gassy power of the OG. It’s a GASSY ZKITTLEZ kinda vibe.


OZK, OZK Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The OZK cannabis strain kicks in after a few minutes with an enjoyable relaxing feeling that starts in the body.

Wonderbrett who phenohunted this for Dying Breed Seeds says it is a good allrounder, including the ability to “boost creativity, focus and euphoria as well as address acute pain, stress, loss of appetite, anxiety and depression.” source

I certainly got the creative boost and euphoria a few minutes after smoking this one, and the appetite kicked up a notch soon after.


Overall OZK is a top, TOP strain for lovers of the classic OGs that also like that ZkittleZ flavour profile. You will not be disappointed.

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