Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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This Week Orange Slush is in our stain spotlight. This hybrid delivers a strong citrus aroma and taste.

Let’s learn about Orange Slush in this edition of our Strain Information features


Bred by Black Sheep Botanicals in 2017 – in this case they have used the same tropical-inspired Jamaican strain and combined it with Purple Trainwreck to produce Orange Slush.

The result of this is very different to the Ginger Glue we recently reviewed, taking on more of the heavy indica side (although still incorporating sativa effects).

, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Orange Slush has a solid bud structure, showing in this sample which is dense, well-developed and healthy-looking.

This sample reached me in great condition. The colours on this one were lovely – green popping with sparkling trichomes, and deep orange pistils. Great trim, not too much stalk. All round good sample.

, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


The smell of Orange Slush initially was reminding me a lot of Marmalade, a Lady Sativa strain we have reviewed previously which had all involved in finding and growing the cut really excited due to the terps and pizzazz of the Rainbow Candy Cut found by Dank Growing Farms in particular. This orange slush captured the orange puke smell I got from that cut of the marmalade right out of the tin.

Breaking the sample open and eventually grinding it up treated me to sweeter and more citrus-inspired notes, making me think of orange with a bit of lemon thrown in there – breakfast terps.


, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Taste + Consumption Experience

I tried out the Orange Slush through my bong and Mighty Vaporizer.

The smoking experience was smooth, delivering a powerfully citrus-flavoured hit that was particularly tasty from the start of the exhale. It smoked clean with zero acridity.

Vaping this provided me with sweeter orange terps than I was expecting, no hints of the Marmalade here.

, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


I consumed two bowls and a vaporizer of the Orange Slush in quick succession, and five-ten minutes after I was feeling the waves of this strain kicking in.

It started with a clear sativa head lift, and this was followed by more intense waves as the body effects began to kick in – I got an increased light sensitivity but was able to remain focused and alert.

After 10+ minutes the high became a lot more relaxing and I’d say overall it felt more on the indica side.


, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Overall I enjoyed this strain and found it to provide something a bit different from my regular smoke. The orange terp balance is similar in some ways to strains I know and love, but in other ways it is very original.

A good strain all round.

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