Orange Diesel V3 [ODV3] Cannabis Strain Review

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Hello and welcome to another ISMOKE cannabis strain review! In this edition, we are focusing on a strain which has been making its way through the UK cannabis community of late – Orange Diesel V3.

Bred by Lady Sativa Genetics, ODV3 is an orange blast of sativa-dominant power that is certainly a strain to watch out for.

Original Diesel X Orange Diesel V2


The ODV3 has that candied look that you sometimes find with haze strains – the trichomes look like crystals of sugar coating the bud when you get up close.

This bud had a lot of depth and good colouration – the buds somehow looked lighter and fluffier than they felt – quite dense to touch.

, Orange Diesel V3 [ODV3] Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE


This smells great – strong citrus and orange flavours mixed with dankness and the almost fuel smell of the diesel when you break the buds open.

ODV3 is a strong smelling strain that really makes a lasting impact with that orange fragrance.


This phenotype of the ODV3 has been grown well and the taste reflects that – it comes through the bong nicely, with an immediate and strong orange flavour, followed by a citrus aftertaste that remains in the mouth for a short while.

I’m impressed with the taste of this through the bong.

, Orange Diesel V3 [ODV3] Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE


This is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and I can certainly feel that. Happy, energetic and initially focused, this gives way into an intense cerebral hit that just keeps growing.

I had to take a minute after this one to gather my thoughts, and I’ve left in some of the footage of me stumbling my words as the effects begin to take hold during the video review.


I really like the Orange Diesel V3 – this particular sample was grown well (Big up Gman_Grows420 and East London Cannabis Club). The strain itself tastes good, the effects are a little intense but still enjoyable and it was a great strain to review.

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