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OG Kush CBD E-Liquid with Real Cannabis Terpenes Review

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It’s been a while since we have done a CBD review here on ISMOKE Magazine, so it’s about time to introduce you to a new product we love, cbd e-liquid infused with real cannabis terpenes!

The OG Kush Ejuice is made by a company called Harmony, who run We previously reviewed one of their Kanaboxes containing a variety of hemp products.

Their range of CBD E-Liquids comes in three flavours, with the other two flavours launching at a later date. I was lucky enough to try a sample of the whole range, and was impressed with the flavour of all of them.

OG Kush has a sweet flavour with a good terpene balance; when vaping you feel like this is a cannabis product. Mango Kush is even sweeter, with a strong fruity taste (great flavour). The Super Lemon Haze is more citrusy, with strong canna-lemon notes. (Watch my face for the reaction in the video below, as that was my first time trying the lemon haze).

real cannabis terpenes, OG Kush CBD E-Liquid with Real Cannabis Terpenes Review
Cannabis E-Liquid Real Cannabis Terpenes


  • €12.99 for 0mg CBD.
  • €24.99 for 100mg CBD
  • €49.99 for 300mg CBD
  • €89.99 for 600mg CBD


We really enjoyed reviewing the OG Kush and the other range of E-Liquids from Harmony. We also see potential benefits using this product to help quit smoking, which we have personally experienced.

If you vape e-liquid and you like cannabis flavour, then you should give this e-liquid a try. The flavour is too good to miss out on!

Watch our video review below for more info:

You can buy your OG Kush e-liquid here on the Naturageek Website!


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