OG #18 Cannabis Strain Review

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This week on ISMOKE we are taking a look at a strain which has quickly risen to become one of my favourites after I first sampled it a couple of weeks ago.

OG #18 is a powerful Indica cross of Chemdawg and OG Chem. This strain comes from Reserva Privada. The plant apparently gives the yield of Chemdawg with the power of OG Chem, all the while with a more sour/fruity taste than traditional OG Kush.

This particular phenotype was grown by Kush Family Collective, who traded their 2015 Dopefiend Cup Winner Blues and their Grapefruit strain for cuttings of OG #18 and Casey Jones.

OG #18, OG #18 Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE
OG #18 Bud


The buds look very well-developed, and I’d guess she is a good yielder looking at the buds I got in the sample – actually received this in one big bud, so breaking it apart was a shame!

The trim job has been done with love, and the close-up photos show just how good the quality of this bud is (I just wish I had a better macro lens for zooming):

OG #18, OG #18 Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE


Gassy notes of diesel, earth and pine are all in abundance as I sniff this bud, with the dank fuel smell becoming almost overpowering when the buds are cracked open or ground up. This strain stinks in a really good way.

I can imagine you’d want to keep it extra smell-proofed in your pocket to avoid some unwanted looks on the tube.

OG #18, OG #18 Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE


While thinking about the taste I’m just going to hit another bong..

I consumed the OG #18 in a joint and through my bong, plus some through my PAX 3 vaporiser. I also attempted to make some Rosin with straighteners which didn’t end so well, but it looks as if these buds are quite resinous (I think I used the wrong type of paper).

Through a joint I could tell that this has been grown and cured correctly, as the joint tasted good all the way down and didn’t present any harshness or bad flavours. The piney and earthiness come through in a joint along with slight fruity notes not found in OG Kush.

Vaporising the OG #18 I got more of the piney taste that was really powerful through the PAX. A little bit of earthiness, also felt really nice in my throat as it made a nice change from my bong.

Through the bong I got more of that intensity, but also the diesel flavour and pine. This is more a little more fruity tasting than OG Kush in a very slight way that is hard to detect.

OG #18, OG #18 Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE


The first time I smoked OG 18 I was editing a video. When it kicked in, I had to have a break to zone out and watch some tv. As a seasoned consumer, weed doesn’t normally do this to me on the first hit, so I was very surprised!

This is strain is sometimes referred to as Videogame weed, and after smoking the OG #18 for a couple of weeks and building up my tolerance I don’t think that there is any question about the strength of this batch. Thankfully I have now got to the stage where I can enjoy consumption without too much of the sedative relaxation this strain gives, meaning I can now smoke it without it being game over every bong hit.

OG #18 is perhaps best suited for later on in the day. It is one of the stronger cannabis strains that I have smoked, and I think it is a great choice for a relaxing high.


I love this cannabis strain. Once I got over the initial power of the bud, something a lot of strains just can’t match up to, I found it more enjoyable, as I can now take big hits without fear of losing productivity, something I experienced to my surprise when I first sampled the OG #18.

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