Official Cheese Tester for Aztech Genetics

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We were asked to test 5 phenos of cheese for Aztech Genetics to pick our favourites from two categories – autoflowering and photo period.

The bags of cheese were marked A, B, X, Y & Z, with no more info given. We were also given an “official cheese tester ’18” wooden cheeseboard along with the samples.

A & B were autoflowering, and X, Y & Z were photo period. Overall my favourites were…
Cheese Tester results:

Autoflowering: Sample A
Photo Period – Sample X

Judging this cheeseboard was a fun experience as I got to use my insight into the cheese strain – a true UK classic – to pick the best two out of five to be used for future seed runs.

2018 has been a good year for judging – earlier this year I was asked to judge the Dead Fox Cup (Extracts), and then the Dopefiend Cup (Breeders).

I also reviewed Cheese (Exodus Cut) last year on the channel. You can watch the review and subscribe to us on youtube here. 

It was fun being a cheese tester for Aztech Genetics and I look forward to more cannabis judging next year.

Find their cheese seeds on the Aztech smoke shop here.