Ninja Punch Strain Info & Extract Review

1 min read

Ninja Punch is a cannabis strain which crosses Purple Punch X Cement Shoes. An indica-dominant strain, this also leaves the mind very uplifted, quite literally bringing a smile to the lips.

Maybe due to its lineage going back on the Purple Punch side (to the Afghani landrace), Ninja Punch also makes the body feel physically nice. I noticed this running through my body shortly after consuming.

I have not tried any of the flower of this cannabis strain, but on a couple of occasions have tried BHO in various forms extracted from the buds.

Extracted by Bear Extracts, the Ninja Punch wax is a fantastically terpy example of cannabis extract.

It resembles the consistency of a crumbly fudge with delicious goldish colour.

I haven’t tried Cement Shoes (Blue Dream X OGKB X Undisclosed) but think I sense the sweetness of the Blue Dream melding with the sweet fruity notes of the Purple Punch.

You can watch my experience with the Purple Punch extract below, or alternatively here on YouTube.

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