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Should Cannabis Be Legalised?

It is now, in bleak conservative times that we cry out for a new drug reform movement. Radical ideas have been yelled from the corners of our new Britain. Calls for a complete revamp are becoming stronger, more supported, and

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A Cash Crop For The Few?

In a year that has seen the first major national legalisation of cannabis in Canada, strongholds of legalisation in the States raise billions in tax via dispensaries, the ailing minority Tory government

Bongs in Camden

First Conviction in Camden Bong Ban

Police say that conviction ‘sets precedent’ for more police raids Conviction comes after officers warned shops they are now ready to raid their businesses and take them to court if they do


Locked Up For Cannabis : Gary Youds

Gary Youds from Liverpool, was recently sentenced to nine months in prison after his venue The Chillin’ Rooms was raided and cannabis seized back in 2015. #FreeGaryYouds The arbitrary nature of the UK’s approach to cannabis