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Neville’s Haze Cannabis Strain Review

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Each week ISMOKE releases a new and exclusive strain review, giving our take on the world of cannabis one strain at a time. This week we present another classic strain, this one having its routes in late 80’s Holland as one of the first Hazes on the market. Ladies and Gentlemen..Neville’s Haze!

This strain was almost entirely Sativa before Greenhouse Seeds bred in 25% indica. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup 1998. 

Named after it’s creator, cannabis breeder Nevil Schoenmakers, Neville’s Haze is a great morning / daytime cannabis strain as it has potent cerebral affects that could be utilised for medical use, for example for treatment of depression. As a recreational user I found Neville’s Haze to be an enjoyable strain.

This bud was great to smoke, but unfortunately due to the import method it was incredibly dense and compressed, meaning that the buds had not retained their fluffiness:

Neville's Haze, Neville’s Haze Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE
Dense, compressed nugs of Neville’s Haze

At time of writing, Neville’s Haze cannabis seeds are available to buy from Greenhouse, Seedsman, Mr Nice, World of Seeds and Delicious Seeds.

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More info about Neville’s Haze

While researching for this review we found a website that gives a great background and introduction, both to the strain and the man who created it:

In 1988 Nevil introduced the first Haze to Holland. The ‘Haze x Northern Lights F1-Hybrid’ had it’s origins in the United States, where the ‘Haze Brothers’ had been growing the Sativa plants since the 70’s. The price in ‘The Seed Bank’ catalogue was then $100 for 10 seeds. It nearly became extinct beginning of the 80’s because growers were looking for easier varieties. The Haze Brothers eventually retired, but first made a trip to the Netherlands, where they met with Nevil, a breeder who’s name has often been associated with the Haze and its hybrids even before he was ‘The King Of Cannabis’. Nevil acquired Haze seeds from them, preserving the strain and using it for many crosses. Haze requires profeasional care and a lot of patience because of its long season.. but it has been very good for hybridisation. Today, the Haze variety is found in many crosses that are available, and is a favorite to many ‘Sativa Connoisseurs’

Neville's Haze, Neville’s Haze Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE

So there you have it, Neville’s Haze!