This week I got my hands on some Nerds OG, and, of course, had to add it into our extract review series. This strain combines Cherry Pie X Goji OG and is bred by Subcool Seeds.

The form of extract I have for the review is Crumble, a dry wax concentrate, extracted using butane and then whipped and put back into the vac oven, creating a very end product.

Nerds OG, Nerds OG Review, ISMOKE

It is light yellow in colour, and looks like honeycomb with tiny air bubbles, likely left as the butane evaporated off during the purging process.

The aroma isn’t very strong, possibly due to the extract being so stable, locking the terpene inside – because it certainly delivers a strong and enjoyable flavour when dabbed.

Nerds OG, Nerds OG Review, ISMOKE
Nerds OG, Nerds OG Review, ISMOKE
Nerds OG Crumble

The taste carries notes of berries and citrus and a creamy undertone,giving the Nerds OG a unique flavour profile that tastes good in my banger.

The dabbing experience is smooth, with the vapour providing a cool experience even with a big dab.

And the effects kick in fast, suggesting a strong potency in this extract. It delivers a hybrid high with both uplifting and relaxing effects.

You can learn more about Nerds OG in our video out now on the ISMOKE YouTube channel