Nectar Platinum Vaporizer

Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Hands-on Review

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This week we have been looking at the Nectar Platinum Vaporizer, and you can watch our video review right here on the ISMOKE YouTube channel.

Nectar Platinum Vaporizer, Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Hands-on Review, ISMOKE

The Nectar Platinum vaporizer is sold by Nectar Medical Vapes, based in the UK. As well as this vape they also sell the Nectar Gold and the Nectar V2.

It comes in a small-ish box, featuring the vaporizer unit itself, a manual and warranty booklet and accessories pack including tongs, a wire brush for cleaning, an extract pad and a couple of tools to help remove weed from the vaporizer.

Nectar Platinum Vaporizer, Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Hands-on Review, ISMOKE

Admittedly I did wonder how it would perform compared to the more expensive devices as it is pretty much half the price of some of the units I have reviewed previously.


I have been using the Nectar Platinum for about two weeks now, and I have been using it pretty much daily. My choice of herb has been Slurricane, a terpy and potent cannabis strain.

I found that the Nectar Platinum vaporizer performs well in many areas – it heats up super quickly – I clocked 23 seconds from room temp to 180 degrees c. The battery lasts a while on a single charge as well, I got four or five sessions before it hit one bar on the battery and needed charging.

The platinum features an upgraded battery vs the Nectar Gold, so could be preferable for those looking to get more out of each charge.

Nectar Platinum Vaporizer, Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Hands-on Review, ISMOKE

And the Nectar Platinum generally gave me good clouds of vapour, especially when I packed the chamber, and even more so with concentrates. It heats up to 240 Celcius, higher than even the Volcano, a plug-bound vaporiser, and the Nectar Platinum is also handy for vaping extracts which need a higher temp than flower to vaporizer.

I like the airflow – another area of development over the Gold. The result is a nice smooth draw that isn’t hard on the chest.

And, with good bud to vape, the Nectar Platinum also scores well for flavour! Some delicious Kosherberriez I vaped in my device recently really showed me what this can do, with gassy Kosher and fruity ZkittleZ notes fully distinguishable in the vapour.

When you are done, the Nectar device is easy to keep clean, with parts that pop apart and can be restored into the device after a quick wipe.

Nectar Platinum Vaporizer, Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Hands-on Review, ISMOKE

And the build of this device feels good, with a strong magnetic top that snaps on nicely to the unit with an oval-shaped chamber for herbs / extracts inside.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the price of this after it performed as well as a top-tier vaporizer, and in fact better in some areas than other devices.

The Nectar Platinum costs £119.99 and is available with a 3-year warranty. They sent us over a unit to take a look at, and you can see what we thought in this video.

Buy the Nectar Platinum here (use the discount code ISMOKE10 for 10% off) You can also find it for sale here on Amazon