CBD Gummies and Accelerator Capsules by Naturecan

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This week I got my hands on some of Naturecan’s huge range of CBD products to take a look at on the channel.

Naturecan interested me because of their 7-stage testing process, designed to ensure the resulting CBD products contain exactly what they say on the box with independent testing to look for mould, pesticides, fungus, heavy metals and unwanted cannabinoid content.

The result is that all Naturecan products are guaranteed THC-free which suits people looking to avoid this, but does not discount us THC consumers who may get this from other products we consume throughout the day.

CBD Vitamin Gummies

naturecan, CBD Gummies and Accelerator Capsules by Naturecan, ISMOKE
Naturecan CBD Gummies 25mg Pot (20 pcs)

The first product I looked at was the Naturecan Vitamin CBD Gummies, which come in 2 strengths – 10mg and 25mg. I tried out the 25mg – the gummies taste like strawberry (flavoured interestingly with elderflower and grape) which makes them very palatable.

The gummies come in a pot containing 20 pcs. This is a little short of a month’s requirement, so if you go down this route you will get through one pot just under every 3 weeks.

In addition to broad-spectrum cannabidiol, this the gummies contain a full range of vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 & B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc and Iodine.

And they contain no gelatin which makes them vegan friendly as well.

Since getting my hands on these gummies I have taken one almost every day!

Accelerator Caspsules and Naturecan Capsules

naturecan, CBD Gummies and Accelerator Capsules by Naturecan, ISMOKE
Naturecan Accelerator Capsules

In addition to the CBD gummies I also took a look at some Accelerator Capsules sold by Naturecan.

These capsules promise to be more effective and kick in faster and they do this using Novasol CBD, which I believe may be water solubised to increase absoroption, as taking these you do feel notably good in a similar way to water soluble cbd products I have experienced.

The capsules come in boxes of 30, so one box is an average month’s supply, meaning one reload per pay packet.

Naturecan have regular CBD caps on sale on site too – these are easy to swallow, vegan-friendly like all of the products I tried, and contain 10mg of CBD, again coming in a box of 30 capsules.

I like the branding of the Naturecan products, the clean pharmacy-ready boxes strike me as something I could give to a non-cannabis consumer who would appreciate the benefits on their endocannabinoid system but may be wary of introducing cannabis into their lifestyle for whatever reason.

I also like that I can click on any product and easily find the latest lab results in more detail than I often see due to the 7 stages of testing.

The gummies are my personal favourie, but I wish they did a 30 piece pot as 20 pcs isn’t a whole month’s supply!

You can find the Naturecan products on their website here. They have set up a discount code ISMOKE15 which will get you 15% off your order.

Watch our video on Naturecan CBD Gummies, Accelerator Capsules and Regular Capsules on YouTube

This article was written as an endorsement of Naturecan products based on my own experiences, and I confirm these are my genuine thoughts on these products.

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