Multi Strain Smoke Report Episode 2 featuring Yeti OG & The Sauce

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This week we have a double smoke report feature right here on the ISMOKE channel.

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Yeti OG

This sample was given to me by the Kush Family Collective and is bred by Loompa Farms. This indica-dominant strain as originally named Headband BX.

Indoor Yeti OG flowers regularly test over 20% THC and over 3% CBD.

The sample is very lightly-coloured with lots of trichomes – a tight, frosty nug which looks and smells delicious. Breaking open the bud, I get a lovely OG scent that is highly recognisable.

Smoking the Yeti OG through my bong, I’m treated to a smooth smoking experience that carries the OG flavour through without loss.

Vaping this strain, I get a lovely expression of that OG flavour – it is a tasty vaping experience through the ArGo Vape!

The effects are strong and feel Indica-led. Overall, this was a lovely strain to sample.

The Sauce

The Sauce is a newer strain bred by a friend. This combines some powerful UK genetics (the exact makeup is currently unknown) and the result is this powerful, pungent, citrusy strain.

Bred by DJ Plants Man and grown by the Dead Fox Collective, this strain smells like strawberry oranges – it captures the citrus found in several Dead Fox favourites but takes this in its own way with a sweet strawberry aroma that smells like a bit like Amnesia and Blue Dream mixed together.

The taste of The Sauce, unfortunately, didn’t come through my bong 100%, but vaping this strain was a real treat as I experienced the full flavour profile which was like the smell.

In terms of the effects, by this time I had had a bong and a vaporizer with each of the strains, so I was already feeling high! This carried a pleasant uplift, however.

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