Smoking Moon Rocks (Orange Cookies X Super Silver Haze X Bubba Kush)


Today we’re trying out a Moon Rock made from Orange Cookies, Super Silver Haze oil and Bubba Kush Keef.

This is part 2 of a two-part series on Moon Rocks. You can watch Part 1 here:

Moon Rocks often weigh in at over 50% THC and are regarded as a very potent cannabis product. They were invented by Kurupt back in 2015 when he dipped Girl Scout Cookies into the oil and then the keef.

After smoking our first moon rock on the channel a few weeks ago we were excited to try some variations. This week we got our hands on another Moon Rock by Sicltd.

The Moon Rock featuring in this week’s video felt more saturated and oily.  So much so, that it didn’t actually vape that well – instead, wasting some of the oil. For that reason, I found smoking to be the best consumption method.

Watch the video below

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