Mojito CBD Extract Review

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This week I took a look at the Mojito-flavoured CBD extracts by The Goods CBD.

Taking a different approach to naming and attempting to flavour everything after weed strains, this extract from The Goods tastes more like an evening cocktail than an afternoon smoke.

Mojito CBD, Mojito CBD Extract Review, ISMOKE

Like other products in The Goods CBD range the Mojito comes in shatter and wax form, GMP certified with 99% CBD shatter and 80% CBD wax, both with added terpenes. Available on both the Hemp Elf and The Goods websites, you can use the code ISMOKE10 for 10% off on the Hemp Elf website

I’m not sure what terepenes exactly make mojito flavouring, but whatever flavours have been used they have done a good job, with the mint, lime and more citrus clearly detectable in the dab.

I am not an alcohol drinker and I don’t really like the taste or the effects of booze, so I was surprised to find I enjoyed the taste of this. It also helped open my eyes to the fact that the world of dabs and cannabinoids has vast potential for people who don’t want that weed flavour but desire the benefits of CBD.

Mojito CBD, Mojito CBD Extract Review, ISMOKE
Mojito CBD Shatter

Imagine dab bars – or even dab rigs at regular bars – offering dabs as an alternative to drinking. I was treated to a preview of this at the Leefy Pop-up shop in London back in February which offered CBD dabs for patrons.

The Mojito is THC-free but extracted from hemp and the wax has other cannabinoids like CBG in minor quantities. I consume these alongside my regular dabs and flowers to balance out with THC and get the entourage effect.

Mojito CBD, Mojito CBD Extract Review, ISMOKE
Mojito CBD Wax

A dab of this delivers a minty citrus taste with noticeable cooling effect on the exhale (think the effect from a minty chewing gum) which may be from the menthol terp. I get an uplift and feel good when I dab CBD but of course it does not get me high.

Watch my video on the CBD Mojito extract below or alternatively here on YouTube