Mimosa Strain Review & Information

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<Mimosa cannabis extract review by ISMOKE – Shatter review featuring Mimosa BHO by Bear.710

Mimosa combines Purple Punch with Clementine to create a unique and potent terp profile.

I covered Mimosa bud in our live strain review at The Original Alternative cannabis club back in March, alongside its parent plant Purple Punch. Whilst I prefer purple punch, the Mimosa, with its citrus twist, delivers a strong and enjoyable flavour that shines through in this extract:

This extract has been made using butane (BHO) to produce a form of cannabis extract known as shatter. This highly potent and increasingly common form of extract comes in several shades with the taste depending on what strain it is made from.

Mimosa is the sort of strain I like to smoke before I watch stoner movies.

If you can imagine the purple (grape) fruitiness of the Purple Punch and a citrus kick, then you have a good basis for how the mimosa smells and tastes.

This video was published on the ISMOKE Channel on 2/5/19

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