Melon Face Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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This week in our strain review series we have a UK-bred strain named Melon Face.

Bred by Highpants Genetics, Melon Face is Chocolope X Star Killer, with the former bringing heady sativa-effcts to the body-led melty high of the latter.


Melon Face, Melon Face Cannabis Strain Review & Information

This bud has an organic-looking structure and seems to have good development, although I’m not working with the biggest sample. What I have is sticky and feels like there’s plenty of resin. The nugs have been hand-trimmed.

The vibrant green colour of this bud is broken by the bright orange pistils which are highly visible.


Melon Face, Melon Face Cannabis Strain Review & Information

The smell of the Melon Face is complex, but definitely leaning towards an OG pungent gas with gluey undertones. It seems to warm my nostrils when I smell this one.

Breaking open the buds more notes emerge – melon/dank fruit notes and sweetness creep into the pungency. This one has a unique aroma.


Melon Face, Melon Face Cannabis Strain Review & Information

This delivers a super smooth smoking experience through the bong, helped I’m sure by the grow.

The taste of Melon Face is surprisingly somewhat different to the aroma, or at least the main notes which come through when smoked and vaped are more like a fresh menthol with cooling flavour.

Perhaps more would be present in the taste with a longer cure, but the smoothness of the smoke and the different notes in the flavour are interesting for sure!


Melon Face, Melon Face Cannabis Strain Review & Information

Melon Face is a hybrid strain, delivering a strong and long-lasting high that I was feeling for the next couple of hours. As I had not smoked this one before it put me into a sort of dream-like state, making for an interesting dog walk.

I like the effects of this one during the day but it is on the strong side, so I am unsue whether it will induce productivity in everyone who smokes it.


This was an enjoyable smoke with something different and an interesting UK-made 2020 hybrid

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