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We Met UK Cannabis Extractor TG Botanical Extracts

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Last week we travelled to a secret location to meet UK Cannabis Extractor TG Botanical Extracts.

The UK cannabis extracts scene is growing nicely now, after hitting the US a number of years ago. Thanks to the world wide web, it’s easy enough for people to get hold of the equipment they’ll need to consume extracts, as well as the knowledge to do so.

I remember getting hold of some cannabis oil on tin foil back in the day, before I even knew what extracts were. Back then we added it to our spliffs for an extra buzz, but had no idea how to consume it properly. It is a world apart from the professional-level products we see on the market today.

These days you’re a lot more likely to see a cannabis user doing a dab than asking what one is (and no, we don’t mean this):


A World of Extracts

One of the reasons for this is that there are now lots of different ways to consume cannabis extracts – you can use a dab rig, a nectar collector or even some vaporisers, and more and more products are hitting the market all the time. We recently tried out the concentrates setting on our PAX 3:

You can also find a lot of different forms of cannabis extract; rosin, shatter and sugar wax to name but a few.

Because of this new market for cannabis extracts, more people are going into the extracts business, and we have seen a number of extractors popping up all across the UK.

TG Botanicals

One of those extractors providing a professional product to the market goes by the name of TG Botanical Extracts.

We first met TG Botanical Extracts at a cannabis awareness event last year. He has been making extract for over 6 years, originally starting with hash oil before moving on to Butane extractions.

These days TG is producing high-quality shatter and crumble and experimenting with new flavours.

Lemon Shatter extracted by TG Botanical Extracts.

We recently travelled to a secret location to meet TG where he showed us his latest batches of extract – lemon in shatter, crumble and bubble hash form, all fresh from the extraction process.

TG Botanical Extracts, We Met UK Cannabis Extractor TG Botanical Extracts
Lemon Crumble extracted by TG Botanical Extracts

It was great to try the bubble hash and then the extracts – each had their own way of delivering the powerful lemon flavour of the bud.

Silverback Gorilla Pre extraction
Some dusty lemon post extraction

We also got a look at the closed-loop system used to extract the cannabis which looked really different to the glass and metal tubes I had seen previously.

TG Botanical Extracts, We Met UK Cannabis Extractor TG Botanical Extracts
Closed-Loop Extraction
TG Botanical Extracts, We Met UK Cannabis Extractor TG Botanical Extracts

It was of course great to sample some of these delicious extracts. We got an e-nail plugged in and hit quite a few dabs of lemon and silver lemon (super silver haze x lemon) before calling it a day.

TG Botanical Extracts, We Met UK Cannabis Extractor TG Botanical Extracts
We love the TG Botanical Extracts packaging

Needless to say I was rather red-eyed on my journey home!

So, What’s next for TG Botanical Extracts?

He plans on entering a cup this year, and hopes to be able to offer cup-winning cannabis extract to the UK market soon. Follow @TGBotanicals on Instagram

You can watch our Video review of TG Botanical Extracts Lemon Shatter below:

Warning: Cannabis extraction can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Stay safe – leave it to the professionals.

TG Botanical Extracts recommends a closed-loop system over open-blasting for safety.

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