Meeting CBD Brothers

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Last week I travelled up to meet Andrew and Ben, directors of the CBD Brothers company at their base near Bury St Edmunds, UK.

I’ve wanted to visit CBD Brothers ever since I first sampled their CBD oil back in April 2016 -it was actually one of the first videos I made for the ISMOKE YoutTube channel.

Since then I’ve kept in touch with the company, and have seen their range of products grow – as I write this they’re one of the UK’s top supplies of CBD, and offer a wide range of full-spectrum and top-quality CBD oil, skin balm and other products.

As soon as I got to their site I got the impression that CBD brothers would be a lovely place to work – set on farmland with large solar panels and a company dog – Ben and Andrew mentioned their aims to be self-sufficient in both the UK and on the Spanish site currently in development (due to open in 6-8 weeks).

I was taken into the office and provided with a cup of tea before getting taken around on a full tour.

On my tour, I got to meet almost the whole team – the staff were wonderful and accommodating, both for my photos, and endless questions, and I found the hours that I was on-site flowing by as I got to know more about the CBD Brothers Company.

On-site they have a cannabinoid testing machine which allows for the testing of their own CBD products to ensure top quality and test results for every batch. I was aware of this before I attended, and excited to see this equipment and get an understanding of the CBD testing process.

Getting to see this equipment was a pleasure in itself, and Ben took me through the process of testing samples (it’s a lot more complicated than just putting the sample inside a machine and reading the results).

He showed me what looked like a graph with several peaks of different heights, and informed me that different cannabinoids are represented by different peaks, so they can test for them – it’s all very complicated and I’m probably doing the process a disservice by oversimplifying – but it was really impressive stuff! They have a qualified doctor on site working in this lab and running tests to ensure the quality of their products – he wasn’t in during my visit unfortunately but is usually on site.

I also got to see caps being created with CBD oil using a capping machine, as well as oil being put into the CBD brothers syringes, and also a batch of the CBD balm cooking (Ben mentioned it takes 5 days of cooking to produce the balm) on a giant industrial-looking hob.

The whole room smelt delicious, possibly due to the fact that whole hemp plants are used to make the balm including the stems and leaves, so this was brewing away in the pot on the stove.

Sitting with Andrew and Ben in their office, they took me through how they got started, how they operate and their plans for the future. CBD Brothers are chatting with the Institute of Medical Herbalists, a well-established organisation who will certainly benefit from the unbridled knowledge of the benefits of the cannabis plant!

Andrew showed me photos of the Spanish lab that is in the works – he’s based out in Spain most of the time and it is here that will be the next part of the journey for the CBD Brothers company, who are opening a fully-equipped facility out there. The plan is for this to eventually be able to host guests, so hopefully, we will be visiting to report more about what that’s like!

In an ever-expanding market of sales-driven companies, visiting CBD Brothers was like a breath of fresh air – they always put customer needs first and actually mentioned that they give away plenty of products to consumers who would not otherwise be able to afford it via a compassion programme.

Speaking with one member of staff, she actually joined after finding the benefits of CBD on her son who suffers from ME – since taking CBD he has experienced a great improvement in his quality of life, and his story is just one of the numerous testimonials I heard on the efficacy of CBD during my visit.

Everybody made sure I felt welcome while on-site, never giving me the impression that they were too busy to give me the info that I needed, despite me staying for almost half a day! I left with a CBD Brothers Hoodie and T-Shirt made in partnership with Hemp Works Cambridge, as well as a wooden CBD Brothers keyring.

I also got to try some of the new balm CBD Brothers are launching with the United Patients Alliance – this full-spectrum lavender-infused balm is a wonderful purple-themed twist on their original product which I know and love, having used it since last April!

Overall, after visiting CBD Brothers I came away with a sense that these guys are really running things in the right way – they’re conscientious and professional, and have remained true to their values since being one of the first to set up in the UK, staying ahead of the market because of their honest nature and commitment to ensuring customers get top-quality, full-spectrum product.

Visiting CBD Brothers was a great experience and I look forward to heading out to see the Spanish side of things soon.

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