How To Become A Medicinal Cannabis Grower in the US

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I work at the MMJ Center a few days out of the week to help educate people about growing medical marijuana. I get quite a few people asking “how do I get a job as a grower?”This is a fairly easy question to answer. I would say that as a medical marijuana patient who wants to start growing for your centre, you need to grow a few of your own crops. By doing this it will help you build a portfolio of grows before looking for work as a grower. This way you can show your potential and increase your knowledge base. Being a grower is a lot of hard work!

The best way to get into the industry would be to start as a trimmer or bud-tender. Once you have some experience see if you can apprentice under the current grower. It is a lot easier to learn from somebody who already has the knowledge than trying to piece it all together yourself. There is a lot of information on the internet and books on growing, but they do not even come close to shadowing an experienced grower. This will cut down the learning curve and ensure you are doing everything right.

What are the skills needed to become a grower?

1)            Good work ethic and organization skills

2)            Strong analytical thinking and creative problem solving skills

3)            Experience working on contracts

4)            Knowledge on growing techniques and plant care

I can say here in Colorado you will have a harder time becoming a grower if you are just starting out. This is because of the new regulation that forces medical marijuana centers to grow 70% of their own product and only allowing them to get the other30% from other medical marijuana centers. Other states are not as tight with their regulations. As I said before it is better starting off growing your own, but be sure to check out your local laws before doing so.

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By Chris O’Keefe

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