Patient-Focused Cannabis Products by Purple THC

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Recently we took at a look at some medical focused cannabis products by Purple THC, after we reviewed some Jaffa Berry grown by them in our cannabis strain review series.

The products we sampled in this video included cannabis tincture and cannabis balm with coconut oil, and we also saw some cannabutter.

We wanted to make a video about this stuff because it is something a bit different from the standard recreational market in the UK which most cannabis consumers, including patients experience on a day to day basis.

There are plenty of caregivers across the UK and across the world who thankfully fill in where health services fail because governments prohibit medicine, and these products are some of what you might see offered to patients who manage to get access.

The cannabis tincture is made full spectrum with THC and CBD. It is steeped in PG for a long time to soak up the cannabinoids, creating a non-alcoholic tincture that is suitable for patients.

The cannabutter (cannabis + butter) is litterally infused butter which has all the goodness of the full spectrum.

The cannabis balm is a coconut oil-based balm with full spectrum cannabinoids. Can also be used as a cooking oil!

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Cannabalm which works on skin or can be used in cooking

We hope to eventually see more products like this made available on the NHS.

Watch the video here on our YouTube channel.

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