A recent video here on the ISMOKE YouTube Channel talks about taking RSO and other forms of full-spectrum cannabis extract.

These preparations made using the cannabis plant are traditionally seen as medicinal products, often given to very sick patients by caregivers, such as those suffering with cancers who may have few to no other options.

The cannabis extract, either RSO, FECO or QWISO is administered either orally (swallowed or sublingually) or else administored rectally via supporsitory. Each consumption method has its benefits, so it is worth consideration on a patient by patient basis.

The price of oil runs from free to £50 and the recommended course is 60 grams of oil over 90 days if you follow the Rick Simpson Method.

What is RSO, FECO and QWISO?

RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, named after the caregiver who has helped over 5000 people with cannabis oil. Rick extracted his oil using Napatha and this has led to people developing slightly safer extraction methods.

QWISO is Quick Wash Isopropyl where ISO is used in place of the solvents used in the traditional Rick Simpson method. This is the most commonly found form of high THC cannabis oil in the United Kingdom.

FECO refers to Full Extract Cannabis Oil and is made in a similar way, but using food-grade ethanol, such as that found in Everclear grain alcohol, to extract the cannabinoids.

The CBPM Sativex is likely made using a similar extraction method using alcohol.

After the rise of the popularity of CBD in the United Kingdom there are low THC versions of cannabis oil available on market, with many products aiming to fill the niche of cannabis oil but operating withing the legal frameworks.

Some are oils “tinctures” made some a raw paste with a carrier. You can also find the thicker oil and paste which can be consumed directly or added to products.

The Black Sheep Dispensaries CBD paste which features in our video is similar in consistency, but with a bit more stability. It has a bitter very natural taste but feels highly medicinal and I personally treat myself and supplement several pets with this with good results.

There is a real gap for cannabis oil containing THC for the many patients who need it. This gap is filled by con artists and snake oil salesmen who rip people off who are looking to buy cannabis oil online.

Medical Cannabis Oil, RSO, FECO and QWISO – Medical Cannabis Oil, ISMOKE
RSO often comes in syringes

Even in parts of the world with legal access to medical cannabis RSO is still seen as an alternative treatment and it certainly is a holistic (whole-body) approach to medicine that can differ to pharmaceutical applications that are looking to treat a specific problem.

But with the benefits of this oil understood by patients whose suffering it relieves, either by removing/reducing symptoms in the short term or by improving their health longterm (sometimes after dire prognosis).

So what about taking RSO preventatively?

This is what people are doing when they consume CBD oil if there are not using it for a specific purpose – supplementing one’s diet with cannabinoids will help the endocannabinoid system if it needs it.

There are theories that some diseases are from cannabinoid-deficiencies, so taking CBD oil is a good way to get cannabinoids into your body.

And with CBD’s current popularity people are consuming it in all different ways to suit their lifestyles.

So why not then take full extract cannabis oil every day? One worry people may have with taking full extract oil every day is that it may get them high. But there are variations/dosages out there that accommodate this, and after building a tolerance many patients are able to live normal lives without struggling due to inebriation.

There are “Full Spectrum” CBD products out there, such as the paste mentioned above. This is made in a similar way to full extract cannabis oil but using strains of cannabis with very low amounts of THC to produce a product with only low quantities of this cannabinoid inside.

Whilst the entourage effect can be observed, showing us that cannabinoids work better as a whole in medicine rather than as isolated compounds, one must ask how much benefit 0.2% (or less) THC can actually have on the body, so assumingly the majority (or entirety) of the medical benefit of these products comes from the CBD.

But consuming RSO, FECO or QWISO you may encounter the opposite problem. These preparations, depending what strains they are made with will be mainly THC, with very minor % of other cannabinoids.

Now high-THC low-THC can be highly beneficial, just like high-CBD low-THC can be. But both have different applications and benefits depending on the patient, so again, this should be assessed on a patient by patient basis.

Consuming preventatively it may be good to balance things out and consume both the THC and CBD-rich full extract cannabis oil where possible.

But regardless of which oil you take and how much THC is inside, don’t let society’s backwardness concerning the medical applications of cannabis dictate your use – if you need high THC, use it!

In our new video on the ISMOKE YouTube channel we show our method of preventative cannabis oil consumption which is simply a grain of rice-sized amount of each oil once per day.

This isn’t for a medical reason, but will hopefully help stave off medical issues that a lack of cannabinoids may cause.

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