Mataro Blue Cannabis Strain Review and Information

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Last week we travelled to Barcelona for Spannabis 2018. While we were out there, we filmed a strain review with Mataro Blue by Kannabia Seeds.

This strain combines the genetics of Black Domina x Mazar-i-Sharif x Blue Monster.


This strain doesn’t have the best bag appeal but makes up for this with good trichome coverage and colouration, delivering light green hues and glistening trichomes.

It looks like more of an Indica Strain, perhaps on the old school side. It looks a little bit leafier than some of the well-trimmed nugs I’ve seen out here.

Mataro Blue, Mataro Blue Cannabis Strain Review and Information


This smells lovely – it has a piney, sweet and berry aroma, apparent even before the bud is cracked.

Blueberry notes mixed with sweet pine is the sort of smell I am getting, and it is very distinct.

Breaking this bud open and grinding it up, I’m treated to the scent in its full-force, and it is perhaps one of my favourite cannabis-inspired scents in recent memory.

Mataro Blue, Mataro Blue Cannabis Strain Review and Information


Smoking Blue Mataro through my trustee 5 euro travel bong (sadly left behind), I get a wonderful berry/piney flavour that really stands out, even amongst the other cannabis strains I was enjoying on my trip to Barcelona.

I then rolled this into a joint, and the taste was a real pleasure throughout, seeming to get more and more pronounced as the joint and resin burned down.

Writing this, days later, I can think back and still almost taste it in my mouth.


The Mataro Blue from Kannabia Seeds is not going to blow your head off – this isn’t a high-strength strain, delivering an enjoyable moderate stone with around 15-17% THC (I had this sample tested whilst at Spannabis).

However, the effects are still pronounced and very enjoyable – I sank into a relaxed body-high, leaving clarity in my mind. This could be a good strain for moderate pain relief while allowing you to stay on top of your daily tasks.

Also worth noting that I did get some uplift smoking this, but this is really a body-led strain. And boy, do I love that feeling!


Overall, I really enjoyed sampling the Mataro Blue for this week’s strain review. Out of all the weed I smoked in Spain, this was my favourite, and that in the knowledge that this bud came in at roughly half the strength of some of the strongest strains currently on the market.

Mataro Blue, Mataro Blue Cannabis Strain Review and Information
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You can buy Mataro Blue Seeds from Kannabia here.

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