Marmalade Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Marmalade is in our cannabis strain spotlight this week.

This potent mix of Exodus cheese x Orange Diesel V3 (ODV3) is bred by Lady Sativa Genetics and is testing at 22-25% THC.

The exodus cheese that makes up half of the marmalade strain featured in last week’s strain review feature. You can watch it here.


This sample is very dense – a single bud weighs about 3.5g and I was told all the nugs looked like that. It is grown veganically (i.e. with plant-based nutrients only), and has been given a terrific trim job and manicure.

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The nugs look well-developed and they feel dry – not sticky. The trichomes don’t glisten so much in the light, instead forming a bit of a cloudy layer on the bud.

Interestingly the marmalade retains the bud structure of the exodus cheese. However, it has more colour variation than it’s parent, although it does retain a bit of that nuclear green colouration.

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Where the marmalade really comes into its own is in its aroma, which captures thick, dank and pungent orange notes.

Like an extra pungent ODV3 – this sample of marmalade smells a bit like orange vomit, yet somehow not gross. We actually covered Orange Diesel V3 in a previous review. Click here to read our feature on this cannabis strain.

Grinding this up and increasing the surface area delivers fresh and sweet citrus notes which seem to do battle with the pungency in my nostrils.

marmalade, Marmalade Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Taste + smoking experience

Marmalade tastes great through a bong. Unlike some strains which seem to lose a bit of flavour, a bowl of marmalade delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

I got the orange, zingy citrus flavour and the pungent notes as well, although it tastes completely different to the pungency from the Exodus cheese.

marmalade, Marmalade Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The bong hit wasn’t harsh either, delivering a lot of flavour without any acridity.

Dabbing the extract from this strain is also a wonderful experience – I got a strong (and I mean strong) flavour experience consuming the rosin and the shatter – both easily surpass the flavour experience from smoking the flower.

Top marks on the flavour from me.

marmalade, Marmalade Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Marmalade is regarded as a strong strain, as strains go in this day and age, with tests on various flower samples by different growers testing over 20% THC. This becomes apparent when smoking, and quite quickly. After one bong and a dab I was really starting to feel the sativa-led effects of this strain.

The first thing that hit me was an uplift and a happiness, accompanied by a sense of well-being.

I quickly felt stoned after only a couple of minutes- the high was sativa-led, but did not present any creativity, instead delivering a sort of hazey mind relaxation.

I know and love the high I get from Exodus cheese, so the ODV3 side must be very strong in this strain to change this from its other parent so much – this high feels completely different.


Overall, this sativa-dominant strain has been a real pleasure to sample for this week’s review feature. Lady Sativa did a really good job with the genetics of this one, and the Dead Fox Collective and Dank Growing Farms have grown this exceptionally well. I can’t fault it!

2020 Update

In May 2020 I decided to go back and look at Marmalade once again. This strain made my top 10, so it was definitely deseving of an updated video. This time I got to try Chemdank’s notill Marmalade (the same Rainbow Candy Cut, different grower).

You can watch the new video here on YouTube or below

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