Dabbing Kief Rosin

Making Rosin Oil/Self-Extracted Kief Rosin Dabs

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If you have been following ISMOKE you will know that making Rosin Oil is one of the easiest and safest ways to make cannabis extract, avoiding the potential dangers of solvents. Kief Rosin is something I hadn’t tried yet, so yesterday I decided to give it a go.

Making Rosin Oil, Making Rosin Oil/Self-Extracted Kief Rosin Dabs, ISMOKE
Making Rosin Oil Using T-Rex Extractor

Here’s how I did it:

Making Rosin Oil is simple. I used three of my grinders, effectively collecting most of the kief from all the strains I have been smoking over the past 6 months (probably longer).

After collecting the kief, I used my T-Rex Rosin Extractor to press at 110 degrees celsius for 30 seconds (wrapped up tightly in baking paper). This effectively turned my kief into hash, making Kief Rosin Oil in small quantities, but not enough for what I wanted.

I then gathered the hash I’d created and put it in a wire mesh, then repeated the press after placing the mesh in some fresh baking paper.

Note: I had difficulty finding mesh, and had to purchase it online from Amazon. B&Q had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for wire mesh!

Note 2: You can use hair straighteners for a similar effect, although you will not have temperature control like you get with the Tarik + Rosin Press which is specifically designed to make Rosin Oil.

After 30 seconds at 110 degrees (you can try 120-150 but it will be less stable) the result was some lovely kief rosin which tastes like everything I’ve been smoking!

If you are looking for something good to do with your kief, you can try making yourself some Kief Rosin Oil!

There’s a video of me dabbing the extract below, with much better taste results than I was expecting:

I’ll be making sure I save up all my kief in the future to make some more Kief rosin oil.

You can Buy the Tarik + Rosin Press / T-Rex Rosin Extractor here on ISMOKE Supplies!

Making Rosin Oil, Making Rosin Oil/Self-Extracted Kief Rosin Dabs, ISMOKE