Major’s Mix Kush Honeycomb Extract

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The various forms of cannabis extract are growing in popularity in the UK.  Whether extracted here or imported from abroad, shatter, honeycomb and the many other forms here to stay.

We recently tried another TG Botanical Extracts creation – Major’s Mix Kush.

This extract is made by combining a number of Major Genetics-grown cannabis strains –  Sour Tangie, Kosher Kush and Major’s Sour Kush.

Originally extracted into a delicious-looking “honeycomb doughnut”, the Major’s Mix Kush extract looks quite different to the clarity and sharpness we’ve come to expect from Shatter.

Major's Mix Kush, Major’s Mix Kush Honeycomb Extract
Major’s Mix Kush Honeycomb Doughnut. Photo: TG Botanical Extracts

Instead, its consistency is more like a crumble – it is easy to carve into and the dab tool slides graciously through the honeycomb allowing for some nice-sized dabs!

The taste of the Major’s Mix Kush Honeycomb Extract was very nice – the balance between the flavours is good, giving this extract its own complex terpene profile and therefore taste and aroma.

Overall I enjoyed sampling this extract and will be happy to consume Major’s Mix Kush Honeycomb extract again

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