Bred by Barney’s Farm, LSD is a cross of Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk No.1. It is a hybrid strain that inherits a lot from its latter parent.

This week I sat down with my bong and a sample of some UK-grown LSD to jot down my thoughts exclusively for the ISMOKE channel.

, LSD Cannabis strain review, ISMOKE


The colours of the LSD strain are richer than a lot of other strains I have reviewed.

These pistils are bright and vibrant. The trichomes are glistening with some cloudiness.

, LSD Cannabis strain review, ISMOKE

This sample bud is hexagonally-shaped and has a few bits of leaf, but hardly anything to be fair.


The smell of this strain is a rich and complex tapestry containing lots of skunky aromas.

I thought it smelt good before, but as soon as I crack it a delicious smell comes straight out of the nugget.

, LSD Cannabis strain review, ISMOKE

Grinding up the LSD I’m getting even more of that smell, and its delicious.

It smells a bit like Skunk No.1, but sweeter.


Consuming the LSD cannabis strain through my bong I’m not disappointed.

I expected good flavour, and this sample delivers, with a smooth and flavourful hit that contains a lot of the skunky aroma.

, LSD Cannabis strain review, ISMOKE


This strain took me from 0-7 quite quickly, and as I write this the effects are hitting me in a way that is characterised by hybrid cannabis strains.

I’m getting cerebral effects- it’s very uplifting, coupled with a nice indica-driven relaxation.

OK, time for bong No.2..

This hit is smaller than the last, clearing out my grinder.

Yes.. I can confirm it is delicious.



Overall I’ve enjoyed sampling this cannabis strain. I allowed this sample to cure for a while before smoking it, perhaps that has enhanced the complexity of the flavour (or simply brought it out some more).

I’d definitely smoke this again, and would say it could be consumed at any time of the day.

Watch the strain review below:

LSD Strain Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

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